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Asset Tracking

SkyHawk asset tracking solutions are designed to monitor and trace high valued, non-vehicle, operational assets used by government organizations and utility, services, and construction companies.

Offered as a stand-alone solution or bundled with SkyHawk’s fleet management,system, clients are able to locate and monitor assets in both real-time and via historical views. This enables organizations to optimize asset utilization, enhance deployment, and protect their assets from theft or loss (e.g. trailers, solar sign boards, pumps, generators, defibrillators, stretchers, and more).

Depending on the needs of our client, SkyHawk deploys the best tracking devices, sensors and connectivity based on the importance and how critical the assets are to the delivery of services. Clients use our ConnectAnywhere monitoring solution for real-time tracking, reporting and performance monitoring.

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Proven Results

“Over 700 critical equipment assets are being tracked and remotely located, including: Defibrillators, Portable suction units, Stryker Powercot stretchers, Stairchair evacuation patient carriage chairs, Paramedic Response Bags, Toughbook Laptop Computers”

Case Study on SkyHawk & BeWhere
EMS solution for City of Hamilton EMS Fleet
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