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Explosive Magazine Monitoring

SkyHawk’s Federally compliant Explosives Monitoring solution is a compact and rugged satellite based mobile system used to monitor explosive magazines, transport vehicles, wireline trucks, and mobile containers. It provides remote and automatic sensor monitoring with user ID in order to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Additionally, theft or movement of explosive storage assets can be detected using device accelerometers and geofencing triggers.

Explosives permit holders in Canada are obligated to comply with current BNQ specifications as set out by NRCAN. The SkyHawk solution allows you to comply with industry regulations, reduce liability, manual work, and costs by eliminating the need to physically inspect explosive storage facilities (magazines) every 12 hours.


Key Features

  • Compliant to Directive 5
  • Satellite monitoring
  • User access identification
  • Unauthorized access detection
  • Tampering detection alerts
  • Real-time (SMS/Email) alerts

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Proven Results

SkyHawk is certified by NRCAN as meeting 6.10.3 of the CAN/BNQ 2910-500/2015 Magazines for Industrial Explosives standard, as well certified by Surete du Quebec for meeting Loi sur les explosifs (L.R.Q., ch. E-22)