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About us

About SkyHawk

Since 2003, SkyHawk has been a leading provider of cloud-based GPS tracking and monitoring solutions,  providing cost effective and highly reliable solutions to prominent companies and governmental organizations across North America.

Our Story

SkyHawk Telematics is a provider of advanced fleet telematics solutions for governments, public works, winter operations, and power utility sectors within North America. The SkyHawk ConnectAnywhere™ cloud-based GPS tracking service is an enterprise level solution which provides fleet connectivity and operational intelligence by utilizing the most advanced cellular, satellite, and sensor networks available. Clients and system users can access analytics, managerial reports, real-time GPS map views, and alerts via a secure web-based account from any internet connected device.

SkyHawk strives to thoroughly understand our client’s cloud-based GPS tracking requirements and seeks to implement technologies that are tailored to drive value and meet their specific business needs. SkyHawk’s full product offering includes cellular and satellite modems and supporting hardware, as well as network data activation and airtime to enable sophisticated web-based communications that relay information to and from in-field assets anywhere in the North America.

We commit to the delivery of highly reliable, responsive and effective cloud-based GPS tracking solutions that not only meet and exceed our client’s requirements, but provide flexibility for future enhancements and expansions. The SkyHawk team works with each client to ensure they get the maximum return on investment using our solution to better manage operations.

SkyHawk Philosophy

Our Philosophy

SkyHawk Telematics is a single source service provider of global communication solutions, linking field operations with central office environments to facilitate actionable, real-time decisions.

SkyHawk Mission

Our Mission

Guided by a relentless focus for delivering quality and value, our mission is to provide industry-leading, cloud-based GPS tracking solutions that improve safety, operational visibility and efficiency for our clients.

SkyHawk Vision

Our Vision

By delivering on our ConnectAnywhere philosophy, SkyHawk will be the leading supplier of robust, cost-effective, innovative cloud-based GPS tracking solutions for businesses and governments throughout North America.

On March 12, 2015 SkyHawk Telematics was chosen as the successful vendor to deploy an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution to Chatham-Kent. Using their Connect Anywhere software, SkyHawk integrates the AVL equipment with our fleet spreader controllers, sensors and inputs allowing us to monitor activities in real time, including such things as plow/wing up or down, material spread & rate and Driver Identification.

The deployment of this technology helps us deliver improved winter maintenance efficiency and accountability. The system also supports any investigations, potential risks and liabilities resulting from any road maintenance litigation, offering electronic records and gps information which is far superior to previous paper documentation.

The installers, trainers and project managers of SkyHawk Telematics have been very professional and provide immediate answers to questions or problems when they arise.SkyHawk Telematics and their support staff have provided us with a service that has proven to be beneficial to the operations of Chatham-Kent.

Kevin Rankin

Manager, Fleet Services,
Municipality of Chatham-Kent