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Winter Operations

Plowing and salting roads and highways is a critical service delivered by local government and departments of transportation. Citizens lives depend on clear and safe roads maintained by winter maintenance operations departments, vehicles and drivers. Their job is to make sure roads are plowed and de-iced as soon as possible.

While a department heads primary goal is ensuring roads are clear and safe they’re also tasked with containing costs, proving environmental compliance and optimizing the performance of their workers, assets and fleets.

SkyHawk’s Winter Operations AVL solution is unique in the industry supporting a wide range of spreader controllers and sensors and includes specialized winter ops reports. The solution effectively and efficiently deploys, monitors and manages fleets, drivers, assets and material usage. Winter Operations managers have real-time and up to date visibility on the performance of drivers, current state of snow removal and other sources of information necessary to monitor overall operating costs, spreading frequency and quantities and to prove environmental and performance requirements.

Key Features

  • Route management & activity reporting
  • Spreader controller data
  • Plow & wing blade sensors
  • Dash cameras
  • Engine Control Module (ECM) data
  • Driver ID

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Proven Results

In collaboration with one of our large State DOT clients in the USA, a blind test was completed where SkyHawk spreader data accuracy was 99.6% for liquids & 94.3% for solids, versus other leading Telematics providers whose accuracy was 83.6% & 78.3% respectively.