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Power Utilities

Power utilities fleet and field operations managers are at the front line when it comes to keeping the “lights on” in our homes, businesses and schools. Utilities have unique challenges when it comes to fleet management and optimization. They tend to have a wide range of general and special purpose vehicles that must be monitored in real-time and in critical and extreme conditions.

SkyHawk’s Power Utilities AVL solution shows, in real-time, the location and status of vehicles and assets deployed in the field. The valuable data integrates with GIS, maintenance management and other applications to optimize operations. Specialized reports including utilization, non-productive idle, speeding, fuel usage, and environmental impact help utilities improve safety, reduce fleet operating costs and extend the life of their fleet.


Key Features

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Proven Results

Achieve ROI through:

  • Reduced fleet size
  • Reduced speeding / decreased motor vehicle accidents
  • Optimized dispatching with faster response times
  • Significant fuel savings
  • Better in-field information access
  • More accurate event recreation / cost reductions