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Government & Public Works

Government and Public Works organizations provide critical infrastructure and services that support the daily activities of residents and businesses. In addition they are responsible for maintaining service level agreements, infrastructure planning, policy and ensuring the best use and deployment of capital expenditures and operating assets.

Typically, public works leaders and staff, oversee a diverse fleet of vehicles and assets. Each have unique GPS tracking and service delivery requirements ranging from mowing grass to plowing roads.

SkyHawk’s solution provides full operational oversight of these mixed fleets and assets used to track, monitor and maintain core services people depend on in their daily lives. SkyHawk’s ConnectAnywhere web-based monitoring system is paired with industry leading hardware options to provide valuable information and reporting.


Key Features

  • Real-time map-based GPS monitoring
  • Engine Control Module (ECM) data
  • Sensors to show status for a variety of inputs such as:
    • Beacon light
    • Waste arm
    • Sweeper brooms
    • Plow Blade (Up/Down)
    • Spreader Controller
    • PTO
  • Route management & activity reporting
  • WiFi hotspot

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Proven Results

Achieve ROI though improved:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Winter snow clearing operations
  • Driver safety
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Vehicle lifespan