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Business Applications

Telematics Business Applications

The SkyHawk solution is designed around key telematics business applications to help you improve safety, operational visibility & efficiency.

Fleet Management

SkyHawk AVL solutions are specifically designed to work with mixed fleets of light duty, heavy duty, commercial, industrial, construction and off road vehicles. We provide solutions for winter operations, government and public works, utilities, first responders, explosives, and agricultural fleets.

Our advanced telematics fleet management and monitoring solutions improve management’s decision making effectiveness, increases overall fleet performance, employee safety while delivering true return-on-investment (ROI).

Our ConnectAnywhere cloud-based monitoring solution is hosted in a tier 1 data centre providing advanced security, scalability for small to large fleets, real-time map views, plus advanced reports and analytics. SkyHawk is hardware agnostic to ensure we provide you with the most reliable, latest technology that is feature matched based on your organization’s unique requirements. SkyHawk is a full solution provider that pairs these products with all of the services you need for a complete system deployment.

Asset Tracking

SkyHawk asset tracking solutions are designed to monitor and trace high valued, non-vehicle, operational assets used by government organizations and power utilities, explosives companies, and first responders.

Offered bundled with SkyHawk’s fleet management system, clients are able to locate and monitor assets in both real-time and via historical views. Telematics business applications include optimized asset utilization, enhanced deployment, and loss protection (e.g. trailers, solar sign boards, pumps, generators, defibrillators, stretchers, and more).

Depending on the needs of our client, SkyHawk deploys the best tracking devices, sensors and connectivity based on the importance and how critical the assets are to the delivery of services. Clients use our ConnectAnywhere monitoring solution for real-time tracking, reporting and performance monitoring.

Maintenance Management

SkyHawk provides fully integrated AVL and fleet maintenance management solutions. Telematics business applications include optimized maintenance scheduling, parts inventory, vehicle inspections, fuel management and work orders. Telematics data provides valuable input on MIL/DTC codes, engine hour and odometer values, fuel usage and accident/incident detection. This information identifies ways to identify problems early, improve preventative maintenance, reduce vehicle downtime, lower maintenance costs, better manage services and parts inventory, and increase vehicle life span and value.

Electronic Logging Device

SkyHawk offers an industry leading and easy-to-use Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution that is compliant in both the U.S.A and Canada. The solution allows drivers to easily log and track their hours of service (HOS) and submit their mandatory Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) electronically saving time and money. 24/7/365 support is available for an added fee.

WiFi Connectivity

SkyHawk’s WiFi offering has proven to deliver better in-field information access, faster job completions and improved communication. This is leveraged through SkyHawk’s 4G LTE Cat4 High Speed Internet connectivity for tablets and mobile devices located in-cab or operating near the vehicle. SkyHawk’s secure VPN office connectivity allows workers to virtually connect to their organization’s private network from any location. Third party applications such as driver electronic logs can be uploaded to an organization’s server in real time using SkyHawk’s WiFi solution. We offer website whitelisting and data capping to ensure that the service is used as intended.

Remote Connectivity

SkyHawk provides a remote connectivity telematics business application so that organizations can connect their field operations to their central office from virtually any location in the North America through a mix of satellite and cellular network options. SkyHawk solutions deliver on the “Connect Anywhere” philosophy by using three of the world’s most reliable global satellite networks: Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar. SkyHawk offers satellite location and status monitoring for both fixed and mobile assets outside of cellular coverage areas. The system communicates in both real-time as well and in a store-and-forward mode. Advanced communication protocols ensure no data is lost or discarded.

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