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Delivery of reliable and real-time telematics services requires the utilization of the largest and best networks available. SkyHawk solutions deliver integrated and seamless connectivity with all of the major cellular networks in Canada and the USA, as well as, the World’s three largest commercial satellite data communication networks.

SkyHawk’s solution promotes worker safety and productivity through the ability to communicate via 4G LTE high speed and remote satellite connections. Additionally, SkyHawk utilizes short-range wireless networks such as WiFi, Bluetooth/BLE and lone worker systems to facilitate peripheral and sensor connectivity.

Supported Networks & Partnerships:

  • US: US Cellular, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint
  • Canada: Telus, Bell, Rogers

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Proven Results

SkyHawk and cellular partner TELUS assisted Hydro One as they mobilized 100 trucks and 175 crew members to Florida to assist in power restoration to those affected by Hurricane Irma. TELUS waived the US Roaming charges and SkyHawk waived the monthly service fees for the vehicles involved. Together we provided real-time monitoring of the Hydro One fleet on their journey down south to ensure the safety of the crews.

Hurricane Irma Storm Response