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SkyHawk Sensors

SkyHawk combines its industry leading GPS tracking hardware with reliable and durable sensors to pull valuable data from your fleet and present it in advanced reports in our ConnectAnywhere system.

Engine Control Module (ECM)

Today’s vehicles are equipped with sophisticated computerized systems that can be accessed via their engine control modules (ECM). SkyHawk’s GPS tracking hardware solution connects to a vehicle’s ECM to gather, interpret, and display relevant engine data within ConnectAnywhere. This information can also be transmitted to other software applications (e.g. maintenance management software). SkyHawk supports ECM protocols for mixed vehicle fleets, including light and heavy duty (i.e. OBDII, J1939 Type I & II).

Key Features

  • Track fuel efficiency including: instant and average fuel economy, total fuel rate and fuel used
  • Access vehicle maintenance information, including odometer, engine hours & fault codes
  • Report vehicle driving behaviour events such as RPM & vehicle speed
  • Detect true vehicle operational state such as ignition on and idling

Inputs / Outputs

Utilizing a real-time connection with SkyHawk GPS tracking hardware, ConnectAnywhere monitors a vehicle’s input and output events using sensors. Parameters can be customized to capture and communicate events including plow blade position, beacon lights, brake status, horn, speed, seat belt, driver ID, sweeper broom position, waste bin arm, augers, mowers, paint arm, enforcement gun lock and unauthorized access detection.

Key Features

  • Real-time status monitoring (with alert notifications)
  • Advanced operational reporting & analytics
  • Input based route activity reporting (e.g. snow plows, sweepers, waste vehicles)
  • Detailed incident investigation information

Spreader Controllers

The SkyHawk AVL solution integrates with a wide variety of industry leading computerized spreader controllers from manufacturers such as Certified Cirus, Bosch Rexroth, Dickey-John, Force America, Epoke, Giletta, Schmidt, Boschung, Rasco, among others. The SkyHawk system accesses spreader status information, accurate material values, and application rate information for both solids and liquids from the controller. These values are displayed in detailed ConnectAnywhere reports.

Key Features

  • Proven spreader control data accuracy
  • Real-time data to improve service levels & cost management
  • Specialized material, cost & route activity reports
  • API functionality for advanced spreader data

Plow Blades

ConnectAnywhere provides real-time and historical views of plowing activity, and can overlay this information on current or desired routes. SkyHawk offers reliable and durable sensor solutions for tracking blade position on a variety of vehicles from light to heavy-duty trucks, loaders and graders.

Key Features

  • Validate & improve road conditions for public safety
  • Ensure compliance with service level agreements
  • Enhance management of snow clearing operations including contractors
  • Support for multiple sensor types:
    • Proximity
    • IONS Electric
    • Hydraulic Pressure
    • IONS Air Over Hydraulic

Driver ID

SkyHawk connects drivers to the vehicles they are operating and the routes they have travelled. Driver ID tracking options include: HID Cards, key fobs or username login and password credentials.

Key Features

  • Identifying driver when vehicles are shared
  • Whitelisting for vehicle authorization
  • Promoting safer driving habits & public safety
  • Reporting showing driver scorecard information


For vehicles that are equipped with Power Take-Off (PTO), SkyHawk can monitor its status to allow you to differentiate between productive and non-productive vehicle use. These reliable and durable sensors provide insight into vehicle utilization and information that can be used for fuel tax credits where applicable.

Key Features

  • Improve fleet utilization and associated cost savings
  • Fuel savings by measuring productive vs non-productive idling
  • Support worker safety by assessing appropriate equipment use
  • Identify fleet right-sizing opportunities

Dash Cams

SkyHawk offers road- and driver-facing camera solutions that can record video and image evidence upon detection of harsh events.

Key Features

  • Access videos captured by both road and cabin-facing cameras.
  • Receive video alerts with map-based locations to inform inefficient or dangerous driving.
  • Provide evidence for incident reconstruction & investigation.
  • Automated reporting through an easy-to-use online platform provides valuable insights, enabling you to take the right action for your business.

Bluetooth Tags

SkyHawk uses Bluetooth technology and telematics to help you track high valued assets and vehicles in one integrated real-time system. With Bluetooth enabled, SkyHawk’s modems can act as a gateway to locate inventory and equipment that are inside or adjacent to a vehicle.

Key Features

  • Locate inventory, equipment and tools on a map, in buildings and on job sites
  • Automate notifications to prevent equipment loss or alert inventory pick up and drop off time
  • Provides low energy yet long range coverage (up to 250 meters)
  • Waterproof and rugged enclosure designed for industrial use
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