ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ is the primary AVL cloud hosted service platform that links all SkyHawk software offerings. It provides real-time and integrated GPS tracking and monitoring for the management of vehicle fleets and high valued assets. ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ delivers fleet connectivity and operational intelligence by utilizing the most advanced cellular, satellite, and sensor networks available. This service is designed specifically for governments, public works, winter operations, construction, waste, service and utility companies.


Key Features

  • Secure web, data and user access and authentication
  • Real-time visibility, alerts and compliance validation
  • Advanced reports and analytics
  • 99.9% cloud service availability with 24/7 support
  • Developer-friendly Application Programming Interface (API)

SkyTrak Mobile App

The SkyTrakâ„¢ mobile app provides the industry’s simplest, most cost-effective telematics solution for managing contractor fleets, leased vehicles and temporary workers. SkyTrak is fully integrated with our ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ monitoring service and free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store


Key Features

  • No hardware installation required – use your existing mobile device
  • Competitive low cost-per-vehicle monthly service fee
  • Rapid deployment
  • Intuitive and easy to use – simple with large controls
  • Reporting into ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ to deliver:
    • Live GPS tracking
    • Driver Identification
    • Route servicing
    • Contractor payment reconciliation
    • Account access for contractors


As part of the ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ platform, we offer an application programming interface (API) which allows clients to retrieve asset data for use with their own tools or to share with third party software as necessary. Based on widely popular Representational State Transfer (REST) technology, the ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ API provides a developer-friendly mechanism to integrate data with other systems.


Key Features

  • HTTP-based interface using REST principles for developers to transfer asset & message data to third-party systems or data management tools
  • By using JSON & HTTP/HTTPS, the API can easily be accessed by a client application using a variety of programming languages
  • Provides users simple read-only access to the most important data items in the ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ database: assets & messages
  • ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ is SSL certified to offer a secure platform to ensure client data is protected

Public Website

Public facing organizations are under increasing pressure to provide transparency on the services delivered to its citizens. The ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ public service website functionality allows organizations to better communicate services and service levels, enhance accountability, and reduce call traffic. SkyHawk provides specialized functionality for winter operations, waste as well as general public services.

Key Features

SkyHawk provides two Public Website solution offerings:

  1. ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ Public Website (stand-alone solution)
    • Privately branded & unique URL
    • Real-time vehicle updates
    • Flexible admin rights to display & delay selected vehicles
    • Show activity of selected routes & services
  2. Integration with existing client public service website
    • Developer friendly API
    • Advanced data sets
    • GIS support

Maintenance Management

SkyHawk provides fully integrated AVL and fleet maintenance management solutions which help organizations to optimize maintenance scheduling, parts inventory, vehicle inspections, fuel management and work orders. Telematics data provides valuable input on MIL/DTC codes, engine hour and odometer values, fuel usage and accident/incident detection. This information identifies ways to improve preventative maintenance, reduce unnecessary costs, keep vehicles in better working condition, and increase vehicle life span and value.


Key Features

  • Identify problems early
  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Manage staff, services & parts inventory

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

SkyHawk offers an industry leading and easy-to-use Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution that is compliant in both the U.S.A and Canada. The solution allows drivers to easily log and track their hours of service (HOS) and submit their mandatory Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) electronically saving time and money. The solution is integrated with our ConnectAnywhereâ„¢ software to allow managers and system users to track fleet location, status, reports and driver hours all in one system.


Key Features

  • Prevent errors and reduce risk for audits & violations
  • Eliminate paperwork time – easily create and edit logs with just a few clicks
  • Effortless driver inspection reports – easily notify fleet managers of maintenance
  • Improve driver safety to prevent reporting inaccuracies & driver fatigue

Route Optimization & Navigation

SkyHawk offers a Route Optimization solution for both government agencies and private sectors. Route optimization is a mathematical analytics approach that uses sophisticated optimization algorithms and big data technologies to find the best solutions. Examples of optimization applications in business include determining best routes, schedules, capacity, and pricing to maximize return on investment from materials, labor and equipment.


  • Mathematically calculate & determine optimized route solutions
  • Quantified cost savings

SkyHawk also offers an In-Cab Navigation and route completion solution for drivers.The Return-To-Route feature is a multi-stop routing and navigation solution specifically designed for municipal and short-haul fleets. It ensures that a driver will always complete a designated route in the proper order, never missing a stop. Unlike other GPS navigation systems on the market, Return-To-Route will immediately navigate the drivers back to the deviated point for completing missing stops.


  • Second Vehicle Navigation to complete interrupted routes
  • Real-time Re-Routing for unplanned obstacles