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WiFi Connectivity

SkyHawk’s WiFi offering has proven to deliver workers with better in-field information access, faster job completions and improved communication. This is leveraged through SkyHawk’s 4G LTE Cat4 High Speed Internet connectivity for tablets and mobile devices located in-cab or operating near the vehicle. SkyHawk’s secure VPN office connectivity allows workers to virtually connect to their organization’s private network from any location. Third party applications such as driver electronic logs can be uploaded to an organization’s server in real time using SkyHawk’s WiFi solution. We offer website whitelisting and data capping to ensure that the service is used as intended.

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Proven Results

“Connected WiFi makes it possible for operators to check and update work orders in real time from the most remote areas. Organizations can save over $13,000* per year per employee.”

*Amount calculated based on average individual worker savings from a SkyHawk client case study. Results vary, ask us how.