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EMS & Enforcement

Emergency, paramedic and enforcement services need to act on a moment’s notice in order to save lives. Quick and accurate decisions are required to reduce emergency response times. Responders need to be confident that all critical equipment is on board, while logistics and operations teams need to ensure these valued assets don’t get lost. Further to this, fleets, assets and costs also need to be monitored and managed while adhering to government regulations.

SkyHawk’s EMS and Enforcement AVL solution integrates 24/7 connectivity with sensors for lights, sirens, driver ID, and tags for asset tracking. ConnectAnywhere web-based tracking software provides real-time fleet monitoring (on route and available for dispatch), high ensures proper equipment is on each vehicle and flags whether equipment has been left behind.

The solution focuses on improving worker safety and communication via real-time input alerts and WiFi connectivity. It’s also used to ensure patrol routes have been completed and identifies available officers and vehicles. Reports are used for predictive maintenance, and to optimize fleet usage and longevity.

Key Features

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Proven Results

“Over 700 critical equipment assets are being tracked and remotely located, including: Defibrillators, Portable suction units, Stryker Powercot stretchers, Stairchair evacuation patient carriage chairs, Paramedic Response Bags, Toughbook Laptop Computers.”